Rental Procedure

Fully Leased for 2017-18! Parking for sale at Forest Place & Park Plaza for May - August 2017 and various locations for the 2017-18 year....please call 734-761-8000.

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PRIME Rental Procedure

Our leasing season typically begins in early October for the fall term of the following year.  Leases are twelve months and typically run from September to September.

Once you have determined the properties that interest you, you will need to set an appointment to visit them.  One method of setting this appointment is to e-mail your property list to Prime and await our representative's call.  The other is to call us directly at (734) 761-8000 and set your own appointment.

On the date of your appointment you will meet our representative at the Prime rental office located at 721 S. Forest Suite #101.  You will physically go to each apartment that is of interest to you.  If the apartment is already leased, you can discuss an alternative or simply scratch it off your list.

You will have hopefully found an apartment you wish to lease after touring the apartments.  The proper paperwork will need to be filled out and the lease signed.  We require a non-refundable $500 deposit at lease signing which is credited towards your first month's rent.  Once you have signed the lease and made your payment, the lease will go to the General Manager for final review.

If the lease has been properly filled out and the paperwork is in order, your lease will be signed by the General Manager.  This will typically take one week, after which you may pick up a completed copy.

If there is a problem with the lease and the General Manager does not sign it, you will be immediately notified. You and any other signatories will be required to return to the Prime office and either accept the changed lease by (initialing the changes) or you may cancel the lease and receive a refund of your $500.


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